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Undoubtedly, one of the most important industries in the country is the oil and gas industry, which has a special place in the country’s economy. For many years, the industrial and academic sectors of the country have been looking for close relations with each other so that the industry can benefit from the capability and potential of universities as scientific centers of the country and universities from the ability to apply and add value to the industry. the existence of such a relationship in the field of oil and gas is more necessary than other industries, which can effectively improve the productivity of this sector. The gas turbine institute has been defined in order to realize the connection between the university (Iran University of Science and Technology) and the gas industry. the Gas Turbine Institute (IUST-GTI) in the horizon of 1415 A.H. is the first and most advanced gas turbine research institute in the Middle East, which meets the research needs of the oil industry by achieving a superior position and standard reference in scientific, technological, and commercial networks. , Gas and petrochemicals will be nationally and internationally. The institute’s philosophy is to conduct basic structured research on the world-class gas turbine production value chain, including design, development, manufacturing, software development, operation, and maintenance.

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