Iran Composite Institute

Given the importance of the technology of composite materials and structures and the speed of its development in various industries in Iran, the establishment of a center for dynamic research, development, and the training unit is necessary. Due to the importance of this matter, the Iran University of Science and Technology, considering the existing potentials in this regard, has established the Iran Composite Institute.

This institute was established in 1999 with the aim of establishing a center for research and development in the field of composite materials and structures in cooperation with the Iran University of Science and Technology and the Office of Technology Cooperation of the Presidential Institution. Various subjects such as the study of polymers and types of resins, the study of glass fibers, carbon, aramid, etc., the study of manufacturing methods and processes, as well as the study of the design of composite structures are some of the general topics covered in this institute. Research is one of the plans of this institute to establish close relations with various composite industries in the country and close cooperation with those centers.

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