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It is important that the thesis projects of the undergraduate program would not be considered only as an obligatory course, which should be obtained in order to get the required credits for graduation, instead consider the final project as an opportunity of exploring a real taste of performing a research project.
The main purpose of this process is to enhance students’ proficiency in conducting independent research activities and to be able to reflect their scientific research abilities.
Please note that the choice of the undergraduate thesis topic shall be based on the student’s sufficient knowledge of his/her interests, especially in the fields that multiple orientations exist.
Students are recommended to review the individual websites of the professors in order to gain a better knowledge about different research possibilities at the school of mechanical engineering. In addition, students may always request a meeting with professors to discuss their interests in different topics. However, a suitable subject of the undergraduate project needs to be novel, practical and workable the determined time. Students are advised to do their best performance on the research topic of their undergraduate project and plus write it up in a scientific and desirable format.
Please remember that, in the school of mechanical engineering at Iran university of science and technology, a defense session is held for undergraduate project thesis, similar to that of the graduate studies; Thus, students would improve their presentation and discussion skills along with research and writing skills.​

Dr. Zeinab Pouransari
Director of Undergraduate Project Office

Undergraduate Project Procedure

Supervisor Selection


 Taking “Commercialization and Entrepreneurship” Workshop



 Taking “Project Phase-Zero” Course

First Progress Report 



 Second Progress Report 



Taking Final Project 



Defence Time Specification



 Approval of Project for Defence



 Project Final Defence

Project Report Correction