The Perspective of the School of Mechanical Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering in the future perspective tends to be dynamic and entrepreneurial, capable of creating and developing advanced sciences and technologies in mechanical engineering with the following visions:

  • Taking the benefits of committed, honest, professional, and administrative conscience personals.
  • To act as a technically and industrially authorized center to define, accept, and conduct basic and advanced research works.
  • An environment with scientific and cultural vitality, creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship.
  • A respected designation with bright ambitions and goals to become a destination for enthusiastic and talented students and researchers.
  • Ranking globally among the top 100 mechanical engineering schools.

To provide the required financial resources independently by relying on the faculty’s particular capabilities and expertise.

The Missions of the School of Mechanical Engineering

The main missions of the School of Mechanical Engineering are to train experienced engineers, expand the edge of knowledge, promote scientific and technological indicators, construct the structure and the path of commercialization and creative entrepreneurship, which can be pursued through the following missions:

  • Training committed, honest, entrepreneurial, innovative, and talented individuals with great expertise and learning backgrounds on critical thinking, decision-making, and negotiation to solve complex problems and help in the country’s macro-growth plans.
  • Establishment of start-up companies and reproductive knowledge-based businesses based on the achievements of the school.
  • Constructive and purposeful interaction with national and global scientific, industrial, and economic communities.
  • Responding to the challenges and needs of the country’s industrial community.

Development and promotion of professional and applied skills in mechanical engineering, nationally and globally.

The Value Statement of the School of Mechanical Engineering

While believing and committing to the high values ​​of the country’s higher education system, we will:

  • Respect human dignity, civil rights, and high human and moral values.
  • Respect and plan to attract efficient, committed, and expert human capital.
  • Be committed to the development of talents, motivations, and the morale of interaction and cooperation.
  • Respect and continue to use the educational experience that nurtures talent, encourages creativity, fosters lifelong learning that enriches the society through excellence in education, research, and knowledge transfer.
  • Be loyal to meritocracy as a pillar of survival and dynamism.
  • Be committed to protecting the environment and the pillars of sustainable development.