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Welcome to the Technology and Industrial Relations Office’s webpage.

Currently, one of the most important challenges in Iran is the relationship between universities and industry. The relationship between industry and academia in any country can have a major effect on the economic growth. The existence of a strong relationship between academia and industry is one of the most important requirements to apply the knowledge, and one of the important tools for achieving this is the technology offices and the university-industry interactions. For this purpose, the School of Mechanical Engineering at the Iran University of Science and Technology, as the first School of Engineering in the country, has established an Office of Technology and Industrial Relations in order to establish closer relations with various industries. The task of the Office of Technology and Industrial Relations is to develop knowledge and new technologies for various industries and to establish relationships with factories and large engineering companies in relation to the field of study of students. In fact, the mission of this office can be classified under the main headings of production and transfer of technologies, innovations and applied knowledge.

One of the important goals in Iran University of Science and Technology, as its name suggests, is to direct the educational research activities of the school in order to meet the basic needs of the country. The School of Mechanical Engineering, due to the type of field and the close relationship it has in defining issues and scientific education with industry, plays a very significant role in this field. In general, communication with industry leads to a real definition of issues and the direction of projects, dissertations and articles to solve the real problems of the country, as well as valuable industrial experiences and opportunities such as suitable job opportunities with providing the students with the opportunity to visit factories and perform internships. On the other hand, industry can solve its problems with a more scientific methodology and approach, which results in increasing the productivity and profitability of the country’s industries and factories, and most importantly, the relationship with industry can improve the country’s production.


Dr.Rezvan Abedini
Director of Technology and Industrial Collaboration Programs


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