Dr. Mohammad Riahi, Prof.

Prognosis & Diagnosis of Machinery Failure
Mathematical Modeling of Wear in Bearings
Maintenance Engineering-Advanced Methods

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School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran
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PhD: School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Iowa, USA 1991
MSc: School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, USA 1986
BSc: School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, USA 1981

Research of Interest

Maintenance Engineering & Nondestructive Testing
Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Machinery & Materials Performance Prediction
Prognosis & Diagnosis of Machinery Failure
Mathematical Modeling of Wear in Bearings
Maintenance Engineering-Advanced Methods

Courses Taught

  Course Course Plan
Graduate Advanced Nondestructive Testing
Graduate  Manufacturing&Quality Planning&Control
Graduate Tribology
Graduate Measurement Errors
Undergraduate Industrial Metals
Undergraduate Manufacturing Processes
Undergraduate Nondestructive Testing
Undergraduate Statics
Undergraduate Strength of Materials


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Tavangar, G. Hussayn, “Land MIne Detection by Utilization of Nonconventional NDT Methods”, Work in Progress, Expected Date of Graduation, 2008

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