Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The issue of measuring fluid flow is one of the most important and fundamental issues in mechanics and from an industrial point of view, it is obvious that the consumption of different fluids is of special importance for companies and industrial units. In recent years, when we are facing a decrease in surface and subsurface water resources in the world, monitoring water consumption has become very important and technology units are trying to increase their measurement accuracy day by day and measure even the smallest flow rate.

One of the flowmeters used in the world is the flowmeter or electromagnetic meter, which is used to monitor water consumption in various industries, including agriculture, due to the lack of rotating and mechanical components, and has a longer life. Water coming out of agricultural wells will be accompanied by solid and fine particles that cause damage and corrosion of rotating and non-rotating mechanical parts, and it is natural to use equipment that has not used mechanical parts well and electromagnetic meter to flow this type of fluid. In this respect, it has a special advantage over other mechanical meters such as Voltman meter.

Also, sending data remotely and no need for the physical presence of human resources is one of the benefits of intelligence, which makes it possible to receive data, send orders, analyze and continuously monitor consumption and provide other services. (Related to the research team of Dr. Mehdi Moghimi)

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