The aim of this webinar is to share problems, solutions, ideas, and technologies to support the transition to a low carbon future and achieve the global emissions targets.

Tentative dates (From – to):

2021 March 5 – 2021 March 6

Registration Deadline:

2021 March 2

Eligibility qualification for the participants:

Faculty members, researchers, graduate students, undergrad student

Director (main presenter):

Dr. Samane Ghandehariun


– From UT5 members: Dr. Samane Ghandehariun
– From other universities: Dr. Michael Fowler, Dr. Kristian Borch, Dr. Behnaz Rezaie, Dr. Amir Ghandehariun, Dr. Mariangela Guidolin, Dr. Grazia Leonzio, Dr. Neven Duic, Dr. Poul Ostergaard, Dr. Maria Erans, Dr. Marc Rosen


Registration fee:


Registration is free.

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